We are a coalition of youth from across the state of Maine. We fight for climate justice and a livable future.

Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ) is a coalition of over 250 youth from all over Maine who fight for bold climate action, a just transition, and a livable future in Maine. MYCJ was founded by various high school and college groups, Maine Youth Action Network, and 350 Maine’s Youth Engagement team in February 2019. MYCJ is open to anyone under the age of 30 who is interested in engaging at the local or state level about climate justice issues. 

Our Goals

Acknowledging that the climate crisis is rooted in systemic failures and forms of oppression, and disproportionately affects marginalized communities, MYCJ has the goal to center and uplift the voices of folks who have been historically excluded from narratives around the climate crisis and environmental activism, in addition to the political conversation. 


We aim to fight for climate justice, bold and urgent climate action, and a just and equitable transition in Maine. This must be done through a sustainable, united climate justice movement that is youth-led and intersectional in its analysis. We must always strive to educate both youth and our adult allies, and to connect youth to leadership positions in an equitable way.

What We’ve Done 

MYCJ has: 

  • Hosted multiple climate rallies and strikes throughout the state, some drawing in crowds of over 2,000!

  • Worked closely with local governments to put forth climate emergency resolutions that have successfully passed. 

  • Successfully advocated to have a youth representative on the Maine Climate Council and a representative on each of its working groups. We are now pushing the Maine Climate Council to develop a bold Climate Action Plan that benefits and supports all of Maine’s communities in a just manner. You can read out our vision for the Maine Climate Council, rolled out in April 2020, here

  • Presented on climate justice and youth activism at Maine schools and youth programs.

  • Co-hosted a Senate Candidate Forum with other youth organizations during Earth Day 2020 events and co-hosted a primary strike with other youth organizations to advocate for adults to be “climate voters.” 

  • Are members of and work with the coalitions Maine Climate Action Now! and Renew New England

  • Created community and space for youth activists all over the state to connect remotely and occasionally in person.